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Build Your Audience with Social Media featuring Mikayla Boucher at Mighty Lube

April 17, 2024

On this episode of DataVision, we delve into the world of conveyor lubrication and cost-saving solutions. Mikayla Boucher uncovers the intricacies of marketing within a niche sector, stressing the significance of cultivating relationships with pivotal decision-makers like plant managers and VPs. Host Dean Iwaoka engages Mikayla in discussing how Mighty Lube combines tradition with technology to deliver superior products and services.

Finding Your eCommerce Niche with Daniel Wiggins from Periodic Audio

April 17, 2024

On this episode of DataVision, we step into the world of cutting-edge audio technology with Daniel Wiggins, the visionary behind @periodicaudio. Daniel shares how Periodic Audio is revolutionizing the audio industry by delivering unparalleled sound experiences directly to consumers. Host Dean Iwaoka dives deep into discussions about consumer preferences, the power of genuine human interaction in customer service, and the evolving landscape of e-commerce marketing. Join us for an enlightening conversation packed with actionable insights for e-commerce entrepreneurs.

Legacy Blend: Growing Tradition and Innovation in Coffee with Hrag Kalebjian

April 10, 2024

On this episode of DataVision, we take a deep dive into the world of coffee roasting with Hrag Kalebjian, co-founder of @henryshouseofcoffee. Established in 1965, this San Francisco institution boasts rich, smooth, dark roasts deeply rooted in Armenian heritage, with a tantalizing aroma that fills the room and a taste that lingers on your palate.

Redefining eCommerce for Special Needs Toys with Jason Hsieh

April 4, 2024

In this episode of DataVision, host Dean Iwaoka talks with Jason Hsieh, founder of LakiKid, about the world of eCommerce marketing and the pivotal role of AI in customer service. LakiKid, a brand specializing in toys for children with special needs, thrives in its niche market and offers consultancy services through its agency, @toy_launch, guiding other toy brands through the complexities of Amazon marketing.

Building a Luxury eCommerce Brand with Ben Terebelo

April 3, 2024

On this episode of DataVision, we learn about personalization in customer service with Binyomin “Ben” Terebelo, founder of Terebelo Distillery. Ben discusses his company’s focus on providing personalized experiences for customers through customized bottles, unique finishes and custom labels.

Unique Selling on WooCommerce with Jordan King

March 26, 2024

On this episode of DataVision, we learn about unique selling propositions and running a WooCommerce store with guest Jordan King, Sales and Marketing Manager at Materials Direct. Jordan discusses their fast, affordable, tooling-free service for prototypes.

How to Bring a Unique Product to Market with Daniele G. Lattanzi

March 18, 2024

In this DataVision podcast episode, host Dean Iwaoka talks with Camelicious founder Daniele G. Lattanzi about his e-commerce journey, focusing on selling lactose-intolerant-friendly camel milk powder. Lattanzi shares insights on audience targeting, marketing strategies, and the importance of sustainability and data analysis in e-commerce. This discussion provides valuable tips for aspiring e-commerce entrepreneurs.

How to Make Trailer Hitches Go Viral: Donna Schmucker from Gen-Y Hitch

March 13, 2024

On this episode of DataVision, we learn how to make trailer hitches go viral on social media with guest Donna Schmucker. Host Dean Iwaoka discusses the strategies and insights driving success in online retail, offering valuable tips to help you stay ahead in today’s competitive market.

Paul Houle on the Right Messaging for Entering New Markets

March 12, 2024

Explore market expansion strategies with Dean Iwaoka and Paul Houle on DataVision, as they discuss introducing ducks as an eCommerce product. Learn about tailored messaging, influencer partnerships, and digital promotions for diverse audiences. Gain insights to boost your brand's growth.

Nadia Hussain on How Customer Segmentation Unlocks eCommerce Growth

March 12, 2024

Discover eCommerce success secrets with Hair Loving's Nadia Hussain. Learn about customer segmentation, data-driven strategies, and personalized marketing to boost growth. Essential insights for business owners and marketers.

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