Building a Luxury eCommerce Brand with Ben Terebelo

Podcast Guests

In this episode, Dean Iwaoka sits down with Binyomin “Ben” Terebelo, founder of Terebelo Distillery, to delve into the world of high-end spirits and personalized customer experiences. Terebelo Distillery is all about bringing the thrill of creation to your home, the company specializes in crafting high-end spirits with unique fishes. From personalized bottles to custom labels, they offer a truly bespoke experience for spirit enthusiasts. Ben shares the fascinating story behind his brand and emphasizes the importance of personalization in customer service. Throughout their conversation, they touch on various topics, including the customization process, managing inventory, and the challenges and opportunities of ecommerce and social selling in the alcohol industry. Ben shares insights shed light on the delicate balance between personalization and customer privacy concerns, as well as his views on discounts and fostering enduring connections with clients. This episode is packed with valuable insights offering practical advice and inspiring anecdotes from Ben’s journey with Terebelo Distillery. 

Here’s What to Expect:

  • Balancing personalization with privacy concerns
  • Views on discounts and inventory management
  • Brand story and authentic marketing

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To learn more about Terebelo Distillery, visit https://www.terebelogifts.com/