Product Growth for Startups

Affordable analytics for elite startups

Measure Product Market Fit, build growth dashboards, and double-click into underlying drivers of product growth in seconds, not weeks.

Instant insights; zero blindspots

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Powerful analytics deployed across your entire team for pennies a day

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Zero learning curve makes data-driven decisioning core to your startup’s DNA

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Securely and easily connect to most data warehouses, data lakes or databases

Data Empowerment

Measure Product-Market Fit in seconds

Use our cohort retention analysis features to quickly segment and generate retention heat maps to see what makes your product sticky.

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Athenic AI Chart of Product Growth Model.
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Data Democratization

Build functional dashboards in seconds

Finally have access to data visualizations that are a breeze to set up so you can stay a step ahead with your data analytics.

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Data Empowerment

Equip your team with reliable Business Intelligence

BI across your entire business powered by AI quickens your product testing cycles and keeps your self starter team nimble.

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