Paul Houle on the Right Messaging for Entering New Markets

Podcast Guests

Paul Houle
Midwest Regional Sales Manager

How do you expand your product to new markets and attract new customers? In the latest DataVision episode, host Dean Iwaoka discusses the challenges of expanding product reach with Paul Houle who shares insights with an unlikely eCommerce product: ducks! No longer just for the finest chefs, Paul and his team at Jurgielewicz and Culver Duck bring a tasty (but unfamiliar) protein to the home chef market. 

Listen along to:

  • Discover the art of tailored messaging & influencer partnerships
  • Understand the landscape of digital promotions for different audiences 
  • Learn the importance of tailoring messages for different customer segments
    …plus a lot more, as Paul and host Dean navigate the dynamic landscape of market expansion. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain fresh perspectives and enhance your brand’s growth! 

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