Suggested Questions

What are Suggested Questions?

Suggested Questions are a dynamic feature within Athenic AI designed to enhance your analytical experience by providing you with a series of follow-up questions that are intelligently generated based on your initial queries. These AI-powered Suggested Questions are intricately linked to the nuances of your data and the specific inquiries you pose, offering a pathway to uncover deeper layers of understanding and insight. By utilizing this tool, you can expand your analysis, explore various angles of your data, and potentially uncover hidden trends or patterns that may not have been immediately apparent. The Suggested Questions are crafted to complement your thought process and provide a more comprehensive data analytics journey with Athenic AI.

How do Suggested Questions work?

Athenic AI's Suggested Questions feature operates on a sophisticated understanding of your data schema and the context of your initial inquiry. Once you pose your first question, Athenic AI springs into action, analyzing the content and context to infer what additional information might be of value to you and your business. Leveraging its advanced algorithms, Athenic AI crafts a set of follow-up questions that align with your business objectives and the specific areas of interest you have indicated. This intelligent system is designed to act as a virtual analyst, anticipating your needs and guiding you through a more in-depth exploration of your data. The Suggested Questions are not just random prompts; they are carefully curated to ensure relevance and to assist you in peeling back the layers of your data for a more thorough analysis.

How to use Suggested Questions in Athenic AI

Navigating the vast sea of data can sometimes be daunting, especially when you're not sure what to look for next. This is where Athenic AI's Suggested Questions come into play. To get started, simply input a basic question about your data. From there, Athenic AI takes the lead, providing you with a series of Suggested Questions that can steer your analysis in the right direction. These questions are designed to be intuitive and to build upon your initial query, making the process of data exploration both seamless and insightful. Whether you're a seasoned data analyst or a business user seeking to make data-driven decisions, the Suggested Questions feature is a powerful ally in your quest for actionable insights.

Example of Suggested Questions

Let's say you begin with a straightforward question to Athenic AI: “Show me all opportunities to call.” From this initial request, Athenic AI comprehends that you are interested in communicating with leads within your CRM. It then generates a series of Suggested Questions such as, “What is the distribution of lead sources for opportunities with a probability greater than or equal to 50%?” This follow-up question is designed to refine your search and help you identify specific opportunities, optimize your call strategies, and ultimately, drive better business outcomes. With each Suggested Question, Athenic AI is effectively navigating you through the complexities of your data, ensuring that no stone is left unturned in your analytical journey.