Unlock the power of your ERP data

Eliminate learning curves; democratize data analytics for your business planning, accounting & operations.

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Instant ERP Insights, Zero Blindspots

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Instant Answers

Never feel encumbered by your ERP system again. Drive real value by asking the important questions and getting answers instantly.

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Zero Training

Give the power of operational intelligence to everyone on your team with no training or ramp-up period. Everyone can function at an expert level on Day one.

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Analyze & Optimize

Drill down into your ERP data beyond the topline trends and find actionable insights.

Turn your data into your competitive advantage

Data Empowerment

Empower your team with our efficient ERP deployment

With Athenic, every team member gains instant access to crucial data through intuitive natural language queries. Say goodbye to steep learning curves and lengthy ramp-ups, and hello to peak productivity.

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Data Democratization

Enjoy more agile inventory management

With easy to build dashboards and reports, planners and supply chain managers can forecast purchasing, balance inventory and meet shipment timelines with ease.

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Data Empowerment

Unleash your data's potential without relying on IT or BI

Discover the stories behind your ERP data, independent from your analytics teams. Enhance productivity across your business by unlocking the power of self-service data exploration. See our list of ERP reporting tools for more information.

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Case Study: Manufacturing

See how a successful manufacturer deployed Athenic AI to streamline analytics, IT and operations with real time data.

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