Legacy Blend: Growing Tradition and Innovation in Coffee with Hrag Kalebjian

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In this episode, host Dean Iwaoka is joined by Hrag Kalebjian, the co-founder of House Of Coffee, for a personal journey into the timeless art of coffee roasting and the unique legacy behind this San Francisco institution. House Of Coffee, established in 1965, stands out with its rich, smooth, dark roasts that are deeply rooted in Armenian heritage. With three generations of expertise, House Of Coffee is not just a business but a celebration of tradition and lineage. Hrag, with his warm storytelling style, shares captivating stories about his family's journey from Lebanon to the United States, where their passion for coffee led them to establish this exceptional brand. Listeners are treated to insights into the meticulous process of hand-roasting coffee beans and the dedication required to maintain quality over the years. From discussing the challenges of balancing tradition with modern demands to highlighting the importance of family values in business, Dean and Hrag provide a delightful glimpse into the world of artisanal coffee. Tune in for a caffeinated conversation that blends heritage with innovation, leaving you inspired and craving a fresh cup of House Of Coffee's finest brew.

Here’s What to Expect:

  • The intersection of tradition and innovation in coffee roasting
  • Insights into maintaining quality and authenticity in a family business
  • The importance of heritage and legacy in crafting exceptional products

Take advantage of this aromatic journey through coffee craftsmanship with Hrag Kalebjian...

To learn more about House Of Coffee and experience the taste of three generations of coffee roasting, visithttps://henryshouseofcoffee.com/.