Finding Your eCommerce Niche with Daniel Wiggins from Periodic Audio

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In this engaging episode, host Dean Iwaoka sits down with Daniel Wiggins, the mastermind behind Periodic Audio, a unique direct-to-consumer audio company based in Las Vegas. Daniel shares insights into the company's ethos, which is rooted in delivering exceptional audio experiences through innovative engineering and a deep commitment to customer satisfaction. From discussing the evolution of consumer preferences to dissecting the role of traditional advertising versus alternative channels like podcasts, Daniel provides invaluable perspectives for e-commerce founders navigating the modern market landscape. Dean and Daniel explore the importance of genuine human interaction in customer service, the flattening of the e-commerce market, and the enduring value of trust and education in building consumer confidence. Take advantage of this enlightening conversation packed with actionable insights for e-commerce entrepreneurs.

Here’s What to Expect:

  • Insights into building consumer trust through exceptional customer service
  • Navigating the changing landscape of e-commerce marketing
  • The intersection of tradition and innovation in the audio industry

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