Share and collaborate effortlessly with Athenic AI's Teams feature. Teammates can access and contribute to all projects and data sources within the team.

Creating a Team:

  • Click on the 'Teams' menu, located in the top-left area of the app.
  • Choose 'New Team' and submit your team's name, which can be modified later under Team settings.
Team Roles Explained:
  • Member: Connect/delete data sources, view/modify/delete projects.
  • Admin: All member privileges, plus changing the team name, managing team members, and accessing billing.
  • Auditor: All admin privileges, plus receiving email alerts for flagged questions.
Note: By default, new teams are 'Starter' tier. The tier affects available data sources. Upgrade your subscription for more features by contacting us.

Adding Team Members:

  • Team admins have the authority to invite new members.
  • To invite, navigate to 'Team Members' from the main menu, click 'Add Member,' input their email, and assign a role.
  • Invitees join by logging in or signing up with the invited email address.
Note: Starter teams are restricted to one member by default. Contact us to add more members.

Adjusting and Removing Members:

  • Admins can edit roles at any time via the Team Members page, clicking the settings icon next to a member, selecting 'Edit Role,' and updating.
  • Admins can remove members by navigating to the Team Members page, clicking the settings icon for a given member, selecting 'Remove,' and confirming the action.