Your project workspace where you ask questions regarding your data, add graphs to your dashboard, and monitor your KPIS.

Creating a New Project:

1. Choose Data Source: Select the uploaded data source.
2. Clean Dataset: Filter out unnecessary data and keep only vital elements for insights. Refer to documentation for data configuration and preparation.
3. Name Project: Name your project descriptively, such as "2023 Sales Analysis". Set dashboard refresh rate and privacy level (private, public, or password-protected).

Setting up a Project:

1. Query with the Search: Bar Use the search bar to ask questions. Clicking on the search bar will also allow you to reference your source data at any instant.
2. Enhance Graphs: Access advanced visualizations by instructing the graph to modify its type, add labels, adjust titles, etc. Consult the graphing documentation for details.
3. Improve Answer: Refine answer precision or detail by utilizing AI training. Click 'Improve Answer' for guidance, or refer to the AI training documentation.
4. Add Graph to Dashboard: To monitor this KPI, click 'Add to Dashboard' to include the graph in your dashboard.

Using the Dashboard

1. Dashboard Controls

In the top-right corner of the project dashboard page, there are buttons that allow you to adjust your dashboard's share settings, create and manage email reports, manage your project's AI training, or refresh your dashboard manually.

The 'More' option lets you edit your project, edit your dashboard layout, duplicate your project and its dashboard, and delete your project.

2. Editing Your Dashboard:
In editing mode, you can rearrange, resize, rename, and delete graphs.