Project Question Organization

Athenic AI provides a feature to bookmark questions within your projects, making it simple to return to them whenever you revisit your project. With saved questions, repeating queries is just a click away.

Saving Questions

1. Run your query.

2. Click the favorite button on the search bar to save this question. Saved questions will appear as a dropdown in the search bar for anyone accessing the project.

Organizing Questions into Folders:

As you accumulate more questions, folders can help categorize and declutter your workspace.

To add a question to a folder:
  • Hover over the question.
  • Click the folder icon to the right.
  • Select an existing folder or create a new one, then confirm.
To remove a question from a folder:
  • Hover over the question within a folder.
  • Click the slashed folder icon to the right.
To remove a question or folder:
  • Hover over the item you wish to delete.
  • Click the trash icon to the right.