Product Features

Athenic has multiple question features to help your business develop data driven insights. 

Generating Data Driven Insights Features

Search Bar: The search bar allows you and your team to ask any questions regarding your data including trends, sales history, and even predictive analysis. Simply click on the search bar and type in your question.  

AI Training / Improve Answer: Refine the AI's performance by defining key project concepts or providing SQL query examples, thereby enhancing its data interpretation.

Flagging: Save your answers by clicking on the flag icon. You can easily access any of these saved questions in the search bar at any time.

Question History: Access all the questions you have asked in the history tab by clicking on the time icon. Double click to minimize. This allows you to preview any questions you have asked in case you lose any of your working progress.

Auditing: Some questions may be interesting or unique. Auditing allows you to send a question to yourself or the auditor to cross reference in your email inbox as a reminder to go back to the question.

Suggested Questions: Leverage the suggested questions tool for new perspectives and unique insights, prompted by your recent queries.

Graphing Visualizations Features

The graphing feature allows you to iterate the graphical visualization the way you want to. By providing plain English instructions, you can 

Graph Types: Athenic Supports multiple graph types that can be applied to different types of data sets. This includes:
  • Line Graphs: For trends overtime
  • Bar Graph: Comparing size, frequency, amount of different categories
  • Stacked Bar Chart: Comparing multiple items
  • Scatter Graph: Relationship between 2 data points
  • Pie Chart: Percents of a whole
  • Forecast Graph: Generates a confidence interval displaying likely future values
  • Add trend lines: "line of best fit", "linear line of best fit", "polynomial line of best fit"
  • Add labels: "Show maximum and minimum", "label November 12th point with feature launch"
  • Legend: "Add blue legend for won opportunities and red legend for lost opportunities"
  • Title: "Change title to: Top sales of 2023", "Change Y axis title to: Number of opportunities (hundreds)"
Advanced Visualizations
  • Change Color: "Change bar charts to blue"
  • Scaling: "Show April to Dec"

Dashboard Features

Viewing Your Graphs
  • Zooming in and out on Graphs: Click on the magnifying glass then right click, hold, and create your box to zoom in in a specific are of the graph. You can also manually zoom in and out with the + and - button.
  • Panning: Pan lets you move left and right to view the graphs. You can also pan by right clicking and holding to move the charts around.
  • Reset: Click onto autoscale or reset to reset your graph back to the original AI generated state.
  • Download: Click on download as png to have a copy of your graph.

Editing Dashboard: Click on edit to change the size of the different graphs, re-order the graphs, or move the graphs anywhere around the dashboard to your liking.

Email Reports: Schedule send weekly, monthly, or any updates to your time preference. You will receive the reports in your email in box.