Get Started

Begin your exploration into data-driven insights with these initial steps in our straightforward quick start guide.

Keep in mind all features of this product will be unlocked after completing the first two steps of the quick start guide. You can also return to any step at any instant. Follow the instructions below or contact support if you have any issues.

Connecting to a Data Source

Athenic AI offers compatibility with various data sources, including SQL databases and data warehouses.

  • Start by selecting the 'Connect to a data source' feature and opt for the source that aligns with your requirements.
  • For guidance on setting up the connection, refer to the detailed instructions on how to connect to a data source.

Creating a Project

Create a project by choosing the data source you have uploaded.

Data Preparation: Prepare your dataset by filtering out any redundant data, retaining only the elements that are crucial for generating insights. Focus on the data that will directly contribute to your analysis.

  • Click on the box to select all relevant columns.

Asking Questions: Select the data source you have just uploaded and start querying by asking anything you're curious about or wish to explore within your data.

AI Training: Enhance the AI's understanding of your project by providing clear definitions of key concepts in either Plain English or example SQL queries. This step ensures the AI can interpret your data with the highest level of accuracy, leading to reliable insights.

Adding Team Members

Easily integrate Athenic with your team's workflow by adding team members. Team members have the ability to visualize up-to-date dashboards, ask their own questions, and collaborate to create data-driven insights.