Data Preparation - Datasets

Datasets is one of our more advanced features. It allows you to curate and clean your data to produce a table that will work better with Athenic AI. To use this feature, you will need to be proficient in SQL.

For Enterprise Users: Take advantage of 3 hours of complimentary consultation to optimize your datasets, ensuring an optimal experience with Athenic AI.

Accessing Dataset

  • Navigate to the Datasets tab and click the Create Dataset button to begin.

Dataset Manipulation:

On the create dataset page, you'll find your tables listed on the left. Select any to view their columns and data types. The central SQL editor lets you craft your dataset.

Common Uses and methods:

  • Join selected columns from different tables (which Athenic AI can do dynamically in queries)
  • Filter out unnecessary columns
  • Rename columns for clarity
  • Standardize data entries (e.g., converting "California" to "CA")



  • Execute your SQL to see the resultant table displayed below. Once satisfied, enter a name for your dataset in the top left field and save. After saving, your dataset will be listed under the Datasets tab, ready to be added to your project by selecting it.

By following these steps, you craft a refined dataset tailored for your analysis with Athenic AI.