Suggested Questions

Suggested Questions provide you with a series of follow-up questions that are intelligently generated based on your initial queries.

Auditor Role

Users can flag results that require additional review by the assigned Auditor.

Natural Language AI Training

Natural Language AI Training allows you to provide the AI with context about your business using everyday language.

SQL AI Training

SQL AI Training provides explicit examples of how natural language questions can be converted into SQL queries.


With our new feature, Athenic AI is now the easiest and fastest way to create dashboards!

Query Generation Using Athenic AI Datasets

Clean or combine your database tables without actually modifying it using Athenic AI's Datasets feature to improve the AI SQL generation!

Email Reports

With the new reporting feature, you can have the results of any questions sent to your email on a regular schedule

Collaborating on Athenic AI with Teams

Sharing your data and projects with friends, coworkers, or stakeholders is now much easier with our new Teams feature!