What Is Athenic AI?

Jared Zhao
July 27, 2022

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Key Takeaways

Have you ever looked at an Excel sheet, and wished you could “just get the answer”? Or wished you didn’t have to “SELECT * FROM” to understand what your database schema looks like?

In many ways, the friction of the data tools we work with slows us down in our otherwise efficient lives.

In just the last two decades, having data skills has become critical to the vast majority of office occupations, and has itself been a huge driving force in the adoption of personal computers. To use data effectively and efficiently is not optional in the modern economy.

Modern Data Teams

Large organizations have long recognized this, and have provided their top decision makers with teams of in-house data scientists. These dedicated analysts build queries and dashboards for the so-called “Stakeholders”.

Entire categories of companies providing services to these data scientists ranging from data governance to MLOps have sprung up in the last 10 years or so.

Still, this arrangement suffers from two main drawbacks.

Firstly, data analysts are naturally slow. Depending on the task, servicing a new request from a Stakeholder could take anywhere from hours to weeks, sometimes forcing Stakeholders to settle for less flexible dashboards.

Secondly, data analysts are expensive, and if the job market projections are to be believed, the rising shortage of analysts will only make them even more so in the coming years.

Slow & Expensive → Fast & Cost-Effective

So, what to do? One word: Automate. Automation has been the single greatest contributing factor to reducing cost and increasing accessibility. We see this in agriculture, clothing, electronics, and all sorts of manufactured goods. It is perhaps the single greatest invention of capitalism, and has contributed to lifting hundreds of millions out of poverty.

With a fully automated data workflow, Athenic AI provides answers when you need them, freeing you to work on what truly matters.

At Athenic AI, we aim to reduce the cost of analyzing data, to increase accessibility to smarter decision making, and to empower anyone to quickly understand and utilize their data.

We believe that this is a noble and important goal; after all, data is the life-blood of accurate and effective decision making, which I’m sure we’ll need plenty of in building a brighter future.

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