Top 5 Marketing Reporting Tools

Dean Iwaoka
November 8, 2023

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Companies with higher success rates in content marketing conduct audits more than twice a year. I’ve run boot-strapped reporting teams of 1 all the way to enterprise teams of 30+, and finding the right reporting tools is my first step in streamlining operations and making my life easier. In this blog, I’ll walk you through my top 5 marketing reporting tools, their pros, their cons, their price points, and who I recommend them for.

If you are spending any time running weekly or monthly reports to show your customers or your leadership, this list is for you.

Let’s get right into it.

Athenic AI – Best for Fast AdHoc Reporting

I built Athenic AI to give marketers a faster and easier tool to get fast answers from complicated datasets. Its intuitive natural language platform quickly retrieves answers and graphs from raw SQL data and puts them in a format your clients and managers can easily understand. Pricing is very straightforward and perfect to help with ad hoc reporting, starting at just $10 per month.



- Intuitive question-based data analysis for advice reporting

- Only available for SQL databases

- No training or onboarding required. Simply upload your data and start asking questions.

- Graphing capabilities are limited but advanced graphing is already on beta

- The AI machine does all of the data manipulation for you without the need to create pivot table and graphs

- Editing your filters & dashboards with natural language can take a bit of getting used to

  • Starter: $10 per month includes up to 50 questions per month
  • Pro: $60 per month includes unlimited questions, databases, sharing, and other helpful tools for teams with multiple stakeholders
  • Enterprise: Custom plans adds connectivity to data warehouses, API access, white glove implementation services and top-tier 24/7 support

If you are constantly answering ad hoc questions from customers or other stakeholders and don’t have time to fumble with pivot tables, then add Athenic AI to your arsenal.

Metrics Watch - Best for Report Communications

Straightforward and easy to use, Metrics Watch streamlines client reporting by delivering professional marketing reports directly to inboxes. Its drag-and-drop builder is a breeze to use, and the White Label options in all plans allow for customized branding. Metrics Watch streamlines client communication by delivering reports straight to inboxes, negating the need for downloads or extra logins. Under time constraints, the initial setup and customization require a time investment, which may concern those needing immediate deployment.



- Direct email reports for streamlined client communication

- Basic features, not suitable for in-depth analysis of non-marketing metrics

- White Label customization for brand consistency & professional presentation

- Initial setup and customization may require a time investment, not suitable for immediate deployment

- Compatibility with various marketing platforms

- Potential need for additional features at the Enterprise level

  • Starter: $29 
  • Pro: $100
  • Enterprise: Custom

Direct, branded client reports are a top priority for many agencies and marketers. I recommend giving Metrics Watch a try if you need a custom look without the custom price tag.

Whatagraph – Best for Quick & Accurate Campaigns

Whatagraph's quick and accurate campaign reporting capabilities have made it a favorite among agencies and in-house teams.  With over 40 data sources, Whatagraph offers a large analytics canvas for detailed reporting. Its full report customization and white-label capabilities enable brand-consistent, appealing reports to customers. The entry point for Whatagraph is steep at $199/month when billed annually, which may deter those with limited budgets. 

Starting at $199/month (billed annually).



- Quick and accurate campaign reporting capabilities

- Higher starting prices may deter smaller teams or those with limited budgets

- Access to over 40 data sources, full report customization for brand consistency

- Limited to 25 data sources on the base plan

- White label capabilities for appealing reports

- Only 5 user seats on the base plan, so bigger teams might be restricted

If you need a reporting tool to get out many reports per week quickly, you should use Whatagraph. 

Databox – Best for Extensive Data Connectivity

Databox is a crowd-pleaser with its 70 native data connectors and the ability to request custom integrations. Plus, this platform offers thousands of default metrics, preset Datablocks, and over 200 report templates per integration, making it a comprehensive solution. However, it could be smoother, and users may find limitations in dashboard customization and control over data.



- Extensive range with 70+ native connectors and custom integration requests

- Some users report connection stability issues and limited compatibility with Query Builder

- Intuitive drag-and-drop builder and unique Looped Dashboards feature for interconnected reporting

- Challenges with dashboard customization, custom mapping, and advanced features locked behind higher-tier plans

- Over 200 report templates and availability of mobile apps for iOS and Android

- Custom mapping can be complex, and mobile apps may offer limited functionality compared to the desktop version

  • Starter: $72/month
  • Professional: $135/month
  • Performer: $231/month

If you need to connect to more than 10 data sources and don’t want to build custom dashboards, Databox is for you. Their templates and connectivity are by far the best on this list.

Tableau – Best for Big Data Teams

Deploying extensive built-in analytics tools, Tableau is the perfect reporting solution if you need to develop effective dashboards rapidly. The integrated analytics may be modified via an API, allowing you to integrate data gathering and reporting into an already established process. This may also help you customize the data experience for your consumers.



- User-friendly interface for data exploration and analysis

- Requires thorough data cleaning before analysis

- Versatile and customizable analytics platforms for various needs

- Data prep can be time-consuming, although Tableau Prep streamlines the process for faster insights

  • Creator Plan: $70 per month per user
  • Viewer Plan: $12 per month per user

If you have a big data team that can handle building custom dashboards with CSS, HTML, and other capabilities, Tableau is my recommendation. The setup and maintenance are a bit intense, and the learning curve can be tough, but your team can handle that all for you.

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