Athenic AI Early Access πŸš€

Jared Zhao
July 29, 2022

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Key Takeaways


We are super excited to share Athenic AI, an AI-Powered Data Assistant to help you answer data questions faster and without parsing through spreadsheets or writing SQL.

😒 The Problem β€” Having data skills is critical in working effectively (Excel, Google Sheets, sometimes SQL), yet it almost always feels like the data is what’s slowing us down in our workflows. More often than not, it feels like working through the data just isn’t worth the mental capacity.

🀩 Our Solution β€” We have built an AI-Powered Data Assistant to answer plain English data questions.

  • Ask questions like β€œWhat’s the average amount raised for Seed stage startups?” (example)
  • will parse the intent of your question, and build a beautiful report.

πŸ‘Ό Our Ask β€” Create your own Athenic AI project and tell us what was good / bad about your experience!

  • Sign up for an account here!
  • Check out the Startup Fundraising Data project below
  • Create your own projects and share with your friends!

🎁 Our Gift β€” Explore startup fundraising data from the last 7 years, including startup name / location industry, investors, investment stage, and round size!

Thank You!


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